Episode 11

David Gunn: They Don't Really Care About Us: Disaster Capitalism Part 1

Welcome back to the ToolShed Art Club! 🎨🔧 In today's video, we're diving deep into the world of Disaster Capitalism with none other than David Gunn from King 810. 🎤🎸

David shares his unique insights on the controversial topic, drawing parallels with the works of Henry Kissinger and the lyrics of System of a Down. We discuss the implications of war profiteering and the global war on terror, and how these themes have influenced his music and worldview. 🌍💥

This is a conversation that's as enlightening as it is thought-provoking. So, whether you're a fan of King 810, interested in global politics, or just love a good intellectual discussion, this video is for you! 🎵🌐

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