Episode 15

#15 Artistic Adventures, Childhood Tales, and Captivating Stories with Wyatt Simonson

Join us for an intriguing conversation as we explore the wonders of growing up in the Dakotas. From vibrant cities to hidden gems, we delve into the captivating charms of these states. We reminisce about cherished childhood memories, ranch chores, and the influential role of family. Embark on a journey through the stories that have shaped our lives and the experiences that define us today.

Filled with fascinating anecdotes, valuable insights, and a wide range of topics. From nostalgic reflections on small-town businesses to captivating art and animation explorations, we cover it all. Immerse yourself in engaging storytelling and get a glimpse into the world of illustration, graphic design, and cartoon animation.

We explore the transformation of an idea into an animated adventure. From childhood dreams to artistic aspirations, we share the unexpected paths that led us to the captivating world of animation. Uncover the story behind our leap into Adobe Animate and the thrilling realm of cartoons. Get ready for insights, anecdotes, and a sneak peek into the creative process.Discover the journey of honing artistic skills, the significance of persistence, and the impact of starting at a young age. Our guest shares personal experiences and insights as we navigate the joys and challenges of the artistic process. Whether you're an aspiring or seasoned artist, this engaging discussion will inspire and resonate.

Join us on an unforgettable adventure as we embark on road trips and uncover hidden hot springs were we found ourselves staying in a unique covered wagon. Experience laughter, cozy cabins, and chilly nights as we embrace the beauty of nature .Hit that subscribe button and join us on this extraordinary journey!

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