Episode #19

Is Halloween Evil? 

Halloween, once rooted in darkness, has transformed into a joyful celebration for children. But how do we navigate its complex history? Has it evolved into something different or is it still inherently bad? These questions leave us grappling for answers.

Being a Christian is no easy task. It's not about expecting constant happiness or a magically improved life. Surrendering to God doesn't guarantee a smooth journey; it often forces us to confront our imperfections and grapple with conflicting aspects of our lives.

As a stand-up comedian and musician, Austin and Matt sometimes feel uneasy about certain jokes and music performances. Praying for guidance and seeking to glorify God in our art helps, but occasional failures are inevitable.

We are imperfect beings, constantly stumbling and seeking forgiveness, while embracing our flaws. Join us as we tackle these topics, share our struggles, and strive to make sense of it all.

Stay tuned for thought-provoking discussions and interviews with fellow artists, where we explore the diverse world of art.

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