Episode 5

The Art of Darkness: David Gunn & Dave Landau on Norwegian Black Metal | Part 1 

Dive into the captivating world of Norwegian Black Metal with our special guests, David Gunn from King 810 and comedian Dave Landau. In this episode, we discuss the infamous band Mayhem and their style of depressive suicidal black metal, and their portrayal in the movie Lords of Chaos. We also delve into the controversial history of church burnings, and the dark allure of satanic black metal. We look back at the scene and the influential bands such as Venom, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Emperor, and their members such as Faust, Dead, Euronymous, Varg Vikernes, and Gaahl. Were these bands black metal terrorists, or just kids trying to get attention for their band, or is it even something else?

During this interview both Landau and Gunn discuss growing up in Michigan, Gunn from Flint, and Landau from Detroit and also tell Matt and Austin about Death Matches.This conversation went many different places and it was a blast!

Join us for an unforgettable journey into the heart of darkness. 

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